I am an independent programmer who loves to play games, and this is my site where I post various mods and projects I've made.  I have written a couple mods for ECO, and am an active contributor to the ECO Wiki.


Steam and Valve take too much of my money.  And also my time.
Click the Steam icon to see my profile.


Discord is the easiest way to reach me. My discord tag is Pradoxzon#7692 .
If you want to reach out to me about ECO, my ECO mods, or the ECO Wiki, the best way to do so is through the official ECO Discord server.

If you like the work I've done and would like to help support me, feel free to donate!


Artwork & logo

Credit for creating the artwork and my logo goes to Margaret Clement.
She also has an Etsy shop, that can be viewed here.