Core doesn't offer much to a user by itself. It rather provides functionality that is needed for the backend of most of my other mods.
A download for only my Core mod is provided here.


My mods come with a license. By downloading or using any of my mods, you are agreeing to the included license. A copy of the license is available here.


The .zip file can be extracted to the server's root folder to install the mod.

Make sure that the whitelist in is either disabled or is configured to accept my mods. The server won't load my mods if that isn't done.

Also make sure that you delete any old versions of the mod when adding in a new version.

Bugs, Suggested Features, & Questions

Please leave bug reports, suggestions, and questions on the GitHub page for my mods. I can also be reached on Discord through the Eco server, or my tag is Pradoxzon#7692.

Other Info

If you enjoy my mods, please consider helping to support me by donating.
Looking for a host for an Eco server? These companies host Eco servers, and have my mod available to use on their servers.

Latest Downloads

Eco Version Mod Version Download
Beta - v1.3.0
Beta v1.2.1


Core provides common utilities for other mods to use. Provides:

  • Functions for sending messages to players or to the whole server.
    • Includes messages, temporary messages, error messages, and temporary error messages.
  • Functions for file reading and writing with options for using Eco's json serialization.
  • A static string of the server's directory path.
  • Some extension methods for strings.

Change Log


Updated for Eco Beta
Added functions for sending an error / temp error message to players.
Added a function to create a directory on disk if one does not already exist.
Added a function to copy files on disk.
Added some extension methods to strings.
Internal changes.


Updated for Eco Beta


Updated for Eco Beta
Added file reading and writing with options for using Eco's json serialization.


Updated for Eco Beta
Updated the backend of the mod.


Updated for Eco Beta


Initial public release

Old Downloads

Eco Version Mod Version Download
Beta v1.2.0
Beta v1.1.2
Beta v1.1.1
Beta v1.1.0