Due to changes to how GroupManager stores data in its config file, config files from before version 2.0.0 will not be compatible with newer versions of the mod.

GroupManager provides permissions control and user management through the use of user groups. With this mod, admins are able to create groups for users and assign groups permissions to be able to access whichever commands they want the group to have. Groups can also inherit from another group. This allows a group to have all of the permissions that another group has without needing to reassign all of the permissions. This mod works for commands added by other mods, unless the other mod uses the same name for the commands added by this mod.

This mod creates a config file in the Configs folder for the server. The config is located in a new "GroupManager" folder, and the file is called "".

GroupManager also adds a plugin to the server called "GroupManager". The plugin will show up in the plugin list in the server UI, and also adds a tab to the server UI with information about the current groups on the server and which users are assigned to which groups.

More information about the mod, the config file, and the commands can be found here.


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The .zip file can be extracted to the server's root folder to install the mod.

Make sure that the whitelist in is either disabled or is configured to accept my mods. The server won't load my mods if that isn't done.

Also make sure that you delete any old versions of the mod when adding in a new version.

Bugs, Suggested Features, & Questions

Please leave bug reports, suggestions, and questions on the GitHub page for my mods. I can also be reached on Discord through the Eco server, or my tag is Pradoxzon#7692.

Other Info

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Latest Downloads

Eco Version Mod Version Download GroupManager & AdminUtils
Beta v2.0.2
Beta v2.0.1


A configurable permissions system which allows for the creation of groups for users. Groups can be given variable access to commands, and can inherit from another group.

Change Log


Fixed logic on when to notify users that an admin used a command.


Fixed a bug that prevented players from recieveing a message when an admin command was used on the server if the server had DisplayAdminCommands set to true in


Updated for Eco Beta
Changed the name of the commands "/perm-save" to "/gm-save" and "/perm-reload" to "/gm-reload".
Users need to use "/gm-help command" to get help for a specific command.
The command "/group" has a new option: "users", this lists all users in the specified group.
The command "/group" has a new option: "delete", this deletes the group if it is not the default group.
Users from the deleted group are moved to the default group if one exists.
The command "/group groupName,inherits,otherGroup" now toggles whether the group inherits from the other group.
The command "/group groupName,create" now makes the new group inherit from the default user group if one exists.
In the Plugins tab in the server UI, the mod name has changed from "Permissions" to "GroupManager".
The mod's tab in the server UI has also been changed from "Permissions" to "GroupManager".
Changed some parts of the config file:

  • Added a boolean property to each group called "defaultGroup", only 1 group can have this set to true.
  • Entries in the Users property now use a KeyValuePair instead of a string.
    • The "Key" is the user's SteamID, and "Value" is the user's SlgID.
    • To use just one of the IDs, leave the other set to null.
  • Removed the "Children" field, and renamed the "Parent" field to "Children".

Made the mod thread safe.
Rewrote the internals of mod, including how the mod stores and handles data.


Updated for Eco Beta


Updated for Eco Beta


Updated for Eco Beta


Updated for Eco Beta


Initial release.
Pulled from AdminUtils and made in to its own mod.

Old Downloads

Eco Version Mod Version Download GroupManager & AdminUtils
Beta v2.0.0
Beta v1.0.4
Beta v1.0.3
Beta v1.0.2
Beta v1.0.1
Beta v1.0.0