Eco Wiki

I used to contribute fairly actively to the official Eco Wiki, and served as an administrator for the wiki. I created pages, updated information, helped define the style guidelines, kept pages consistent, and created Templates and Modules for the wiki.

This page also contains some light documentation for the Templates and Modules that I have created or helped create on the Eco Wiki.
The documentation found here can be found in greater detail on the wiki.
Clicking on the header for each template or module will take you to its corresponding page on the wiki.


Documentation for templates that I've created or helped create can be found here.



This template is used to indicate that a page contains outdated information.


These modules are written in Lua code. They are called by other templates on the wiki, and are not used directly by most wiki editors.


This module is called by Template:GetRecipes, and is the entry point for modules in the system that displays crafting recipes. It takes the item passed to the template, and uses Module:CraftingRecipes to get every recipe related to the item. The resulting list of recipes is then passed to Module:CraftingParser, and the results from CraftingParser are returned to the template.