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Commands Used in GroupManager

There are a handful of commands in GroupManager that that control users and groups.

Saving and Loading

  • /perm-save Saves the permissions system to the config file.
  • /perm-reload Reloads the permissions system from file. This allows for the system to update from manual changes to the config file without needing to restart the server.

User Control

  • /user [target user],(option, (param)) Allows for control of users and the group they belong to.
    • /user [target user] Displays the target user's group.
    • /user [target user],assign,[group name] Assigns the target user to the given group. Informs the player if the command fails and why. Informs both the player and the target user if the command succeeds.
    • user [target player],remove Removes a player from their group. Informs the player if this succeeds or fails.

Group Control

  • /group [group],(option,(param)) Allows for control over groups and their permissions.
    • /group [group] Displays all of the commands that the given group has access to. This includes commands available through inheritance.
    • /group [group],inherits Displays the given group's parent (inherited group) if it has one.
    • /group [group],inherits,[other group] Assigns the given group to inherit commands from the given 'other group'. Indicates whether this succeeded or failed.
    • /group [group],create Creates a new group. Indicates if the group already exists.
    • /group [group],addcmd,[command] Adds the given command to the list of commands available to the given group. Register a command by its name, e.g. "ban" for "/ban".
    • /group [group],delcmd,[command] Removes the given command from the list of the given group's commands. "command" must be the command's name, e.g "ban" for "/ban".

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