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Configuration File

The Permissions System in GroupManager creates a config file called "" in "Configs/GroupManager". The file uses the same format as Eco's config files (json formatting), so edits to "" must follow the same formatting rules as the other .eco config files.

Setting up the Config File

The config file starts with a pair of curly backets ({}), and the first data pair is always:
"$id": "1",
From there, every group is declared by:
"Group Name": { ... },

Defining a Group

Inside the curly brackets that follow the group's name, there are various data pairs that need to be defined.

"$id": "2"
       This is an ID number that is used to decode the config file when loading the settings into the mod. Each group needs a unique number for this value, and the number is used to refer to the group elsewhere in the config.

"defaultGroup": true
       Only one group can be the default group, and all other groups need to be set to false. If multiple groups are set to true, the mod will keep the first one and set the others to false.

"Name": "Group Name"
       This name needs to be the same as the name that was used to declare the group.

"UserIDs": [ {}, {}, ... ]
       Users that belong to the group are listed here.
       { "Key": "SteamID", "Value": "SlgID" }
       Each user is identified by their SyeamID and SlgID. For users that only have one ID, leave the other as null.

"Commands": [ "", "", ... ]
       Commands that the group is allowed to use are listed here as strings.

"Children": [ {}, {}, ... ]
       This group inherits from every group that is listed in here.
       { "$ref": "2" }
       A group is listed by reference to its "$id" number.

Adding Commands

When adding commands to a group's list of commands, the commands must be listed by the name they use in the game. For example, for "/ban" would be entered as "ban" in the config file. This system supports any commands added by other mods so long as the other mod's commands do not interfere with commands added by GroupManager.

The exeption to this rule is the "*" permission. Giving a group this permission allows them to access every command.

Saving and Loading the Mod

There are two command included in GroupManager for saving and reloading the config file.

  • /gm-save Saves the permissions system to the config file.
  • /gm-reload Reloads the permissions system from file. This allows for the system to update from manual changes to the config file without needing to restart the server.

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