CommOps is a dll library written in C#. I created it to store common operations, extensions, and functions that I have ended up using in multiple other personal projects.


The libaray is under the Apache 2.0 License, and a copy of the license is included with the source code and all distributions.

Source Code

The source code for this library is publicly available on GitHub here.

Installation / Usage

The dll file can be downloaded and included in any other projects as permissible under the License. It can be downloaded here or on the GitHub page.

Bugs, Suggested Features, & Questions

Please leave bug reports, suggestions, and questions on the GitHub page for the project. I can also be reached on Discord at Pradoxzon#7692.

Other Info

If you enjoy my work, please consider helping to support me by donating.

Latest Downloads

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Namespaces & Features


ArraySubset : Class

Defines a static extension to arrays that copies part of the source array and returns the resulting array instead of assigning the result to a function argument.

FromBytes : Class

Implements extensions to byte arrays that convert the arrays to other types.

ToBytes : Class

Implements extensions to base types to convert them to byte arrays.


BitMath : Class

Provides methods and constants for working with bytes and for treating numbers as bits.

FMath : Class

Provides methods for performing calculations on floating point numbers.

IntMath : Class

Defines extensions to the base integer types for common math operations.

Change Log


This is the initial release of the library.
The library includes functions for working with and converting byte arrays.
It also includes functions for performing math operations on bits, floats, and integer types.

Old Versions

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